Agile Training


agile_methodologies1Agile Methods has gone through a roller-coaster ride of adoption. The first thing a team member notices about agile are:

  • Regular scrums – usually daily
  • Micro-Issue tracking
  • Measurements

There are of course many other aspects to Agile methods and Evan Leybourn @ The Agile Director has alot of experience in implementing Agile methods in software development teams. He has a few courses running in Canberra and Sydney. Check them out:


  • Sydney – 2-3 April12 – Agile Methods
  • Sydney – 4 April12 – Advance Agile Methods
  • Canberra – 10-11 April12 – Agile Methods
  • Canberra 12 April12 – Advance Agile Methods


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