The Future of Git


The future of Git is bright. It displaces probably every Code-Versioning System (CVS) system out there, and its open sourced (GPL2)

So what is being displaced by Git?

  • Mercurial
  • svn
  • cvs

So what is great about Git? It’s flexibility, and ability to manage code in any code-management workflow that you can think of. Some examples are:

  • Local development (for Individuals)
  • Hub-Spoke (for Teams)
  • MegaHub-Hub-Spoke ( for multiple Teams)
  • Spoke-Spoke (for peer-to-peer development)
  • Spoke-Spoke-Hub-Spoke-Spoke (for peer-to-peer and Teams)
  • and the combinations go on…

So what unique concepts drives the unique distributed development capability of Git? These are:

  • Efficient key-value file storage (
  • Efficient and precise history / log tracking
  • Strong performance even on large repositories

But of the key strengths of Git is the adoption by the linux community. Git is the brainchild of Linus Tovalds (the creator of Linux).

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