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Agile has been around some 15 years now. Organisations have tried to leverage agile thinking. Some have failed. Yet agile thinking remains relevant to the enterprise. Agile thinking itself has evolved beyond a technical audience, and now encompasses the broader business community and leverages a smorgasbord of techniques. These include:

Kanban Extreme Programming (XP) Holacracy Scrum Rapid Application Development (RAD) Shu-Ha-Ri / Retrospectives Lean Startup Beyond Budgeting Motivation 3.0 Stoos Network Radical Management Management 3.0 Cynefin Framework WikiSpeed Social Contracts Agile Chartering Agile Testing NoEstimates Showcases

Agile effectively manages people, processes, resources, project time. It is important for teams to evolve soft skills like:

Communication Discipline Social Respect Responsibility

The tools for agile has also evolved. These provide:

Agile Metrics Impact Mapping, Story Mapping Feature, Epics, Stories Planning Poker Release Planning