We has the Pandora Papers


So you’ve heard of the Offshore leaks, Paradise Papers, Panama Papers. Pandora Papers is the latest leaks

So who have been identified in this latest set of leaks? They include:

  • The owners of more than 1,500 UK properties bought using offshore firm. This include former Prime minister Tony Blair.
  • The Qatari ruling family
  • Sir Philip and Lady Green went on a property spree after off-loading the BHS retail chain.
  • A prominent Tory donor who was involved in one of Europe’s biggest corruption scandals
  • the King of Jordan’s £70m spending spree on properties in the UK and US through secretly-owned companies
  • Azerbaijan’s leading family’s hidden involvement in property deals in the UK worth more than £400m
  • the Czech prime minister’s failure to declare an offshore investment company used to purchase two French villas for £12m
  • how the family of Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta’s secretly owned a network of offshore companies for decades

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