Cyber News

  • New post-quantum cryptography attack on SIDH algorithm
  • New Rowhammer technique disclosed
  • Russian postal service data leaked
  • Confluence servers under attack due to hardcoded password
  • New DawDropper malware
  • Nirvana DeFi platform hack
  • OneTouchPoint breach
  • 911[.]re proxy closes after breach
  • Creos pipeline attack
  • Most data breach costs are passed to customers [report]
  • AdGuard VPN (and ad-blocker) blocked in Russia
  • Israel clears police of NSO wrongdoings
  • New TLS test suite released
  • Arris router vulnerabilities
  • Imminent Monitor RAT author finally charged
  • SafeSound ransomware decrypter
  • ENISA ransomware report
  • Raspberry Robin malware tentatively linked to EvilCorp
  • Tor Android app banned again in Russia

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