Defence Cyber Strategy


Future conflict will involve sophisticated cyber warfare. Nations across the globe have recognised the strategic value and asymmetric advantage of investment in offensive cyber capabilities. They continue to evolve and advance their capabilities, contributing to an evolving strategic environment. In this context, cyber security is now one of our most critical tools to defend our people, capabilities, and ultimately, our nation.

On 31 August 2022, the Assistant Minister for Defence and Assistant Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, the Hon Matt Thistlethwaite released the Defence Cyber Security Strategy, outlining how Defence will strengthen its cyber security posture over the next ten years.

The Strategy details how Defence will combat cyber threats and ensure its capabilities are secure against attacks from adversaries. It presents the path to a cyber resilient Defence and the principles to maintain a strong cyber security posture in a shifting strategic environment.

Ultimately, the Strategy will contribute to a high-performing One Defence enterprise that can continue to deliver on its mission of defending Australia and its national interests.

The Strategy was released alongside the complementary 2022 Defence Information and Communications Technology Strategy.

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