Top 10 Plugins for WordPress in 2024


Since 2003, WordPress has retained its popularity as a feature rich platform to rapidly build a business, and establish a web presence. Thanks to a thriving ecosystem of web developers, plugin developers, and theme creators who can literally make WordPress do anything.

So what are the Top 10 plugins that keep the platform amazing? This year, we see a number of AI-driven plugins taking top spot. This includes Chatbots, and Generative AI plugins. Our assessment include the following plugins:

#1: Hubspot

Hubspot is a CRM application with chatbot integrations for WordPress. Investigate futher.

#2: AI Power

AI Power leverages Generative to speed up creating products, posts and content for WordPress. Investigate further.

#3: WooCommerce

WooCommerce retains significant relevance with its ability to provide online shopping for WordPress websites. WooCommerce is supported by Automattic. Investigate further.

#4: BuddyPress

Social media platform engine for WordPress. Although not commonly spoken about, BuddyPress has the ability to create small social media groups on the WordPress platform. Investigate further.

#5: Jetpack

Jetpack is another flagship plugin from Automattic. It contains tools that turn your website into a significantly more robust and performance platform. This ranges from caching, backups and security uplifts. Investigate further.

#6: FIFU

FIFU is a useful tool for WordPress sites that syndicate content. It setups up Featured images for posts automatically using referenced images (or videos) from syndicated content or from its repository of images. FIFU saves you many hours in sourcing images for your website. Investigate further.

#7 Siteground Security Optimizer

This is a pleasantly performant security plugin which tracks logins, hardens a WordPress installation with common treatments, and provides custom logins. Investigate further.

#8: Carbon Fields

Carbon fields is a supporting plugin that facilitates the creation of forms in downstream plugins. Its provides a good alternative to “Advance Custom Fields” which has become prohibitively expensive. Investigate further.

#9: Jetpack CRM

An initiative by Automattic to provide customer management capability. Its not commonly used and needs tighter integration with Chatbots. Its still early days for Jetpack CRM, and it can only get better. Investigate further.

#10: RSS Aggregator

Yes, RSS aggregation is not as popular, but remains the core of the WordPress community where posts and created, back-linked, and shared. RSS Aggregator accelerates content distribution by syndicating and amplifying content. Investigate further.

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