Glitchdata is a community of enterprise architects, data architects, data professionals that are in the business of data management, visualisation, and analysis for governments, corporations, and non-profit organisations.

Data is a living, changing, evolving entity. The appetite for insights from “Big Data” brings diverse challenges from increasingly varied datasets, the pursuit of data quality, the need for provenance and ontology, to the demand for predictive analytics. These are all significant challenges. The Glitchdata community is an alliance of seasoned data folks, collaborating for the greater good; bridging the gap between the data “haves” and “have nots”. We call this the “Open Data Alliance”.


The Alliance

Terence Chia is a principal at Glitchdata. He leads the productisation of datasets into consumables for Big Data. Terence has deep knowledge in Masterdata Management, QA/QC, BI/DW, syndication, analytics.

Evan Leybourn is a principal at Glitchdata. He leads strategic channels and relationships with industry. Evan is a leader in the Open Source community and Agile thinking.

Kenny Xu is an enterprise architect with deep knowledge in telecommunication systems. He is a strong data analyst and modeller. Kenny leads a data productisation team at Glitchdata.

Daniel Li is a principal architect with deep knowledge of enterprise and finance solutions using IBM, Oracle, and  Microsoft platforms. Daniel ensures the usability of datasets with industry systems.

Rick Meng is a principal architect with strengths in enterprise architecture and solution design. He is focused on large enterprise solutions and has a flair for technology startups.

Mike La is a Microsoft specialist. He specialises on the Microsoft infrastructure, security, Sharepoint, Active Directory for enterprises.

Hao has experience in data analysis and quantitative methods using SAS, R and SPSS. He also lectures in statistics at university.

Sunny Kokane is a data integration specialist with expertise (and certifications) in Teradata, Informatica, Talend platforms. Sunny has strong interest in data visualisation and analytics.

Joseph Zhao is a Solr, Lucene, Nutch, Drupal specialist. He specialises in search engine configuration and management.

Mark Hatcher is a Data Analyst who has worked in Banks, Hedge funds, and for government. He experiments at “The Fact Machine

Wei Ping Tsao is a Database Administrator specialising in Oracle, MySQL and Oracle-based products.

Jerry Casin is a Data Quality specialist who has an eye for detail.

Jay Hu is a Data Quality specialist with data testing experience.

Aninda Sen is a partner of Strategy and Architecture at The Architecture Practice. TAP is a boutique consultancy focused on enterprise architecture. Aninda is a Siebel expert.

Saurabh Anand is the chief architect at The Architecture Practice. TAP is a boutique consultancy focused on enterprise architecture. Saurabh specialises in enterprise architecture.

Thompson Francis is a business process specialist specialising in change management. He has consulted in global consultancies and for large enterprise organisations.

Joe Koh is runs a successful software company in Singapore called Rockmoon. This is an educational software company based in Singapore. Joe specialises in analytics for the education industry.

Chakra Kesu is an expert SAP specialist with strong knowledge of SD, FI, Basis, and Logistics modules. Chakra also has broad experience in data management in the areas of Master Data, and SAP data migrations.

Tony Murillo is a Business/Systems analyst with experience in Banking, Treasury and Intelligence /Risk platforms. He actively consults for enterprises including banks and government.

Richard Laugesen is a computational scientist focused on machine learning, forecasting, and analytics for the environment. He has also been involved in education and startups.

Carl Sudholz is the Principled Leader at AGContext. He consults on information discovery and utility for strategic and decision management.

Roby Joshua is a system analyst with a SEO background.

Po Heng is a data quality specialist with an operational background.



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